X-Ray Department

X-Ray Staff


Dr. Laleshkumar Nahata (M.B. D.M.R.D)
  • (Radiologist & Sonologist)
Vd. Nandlal Pawar (M.D.)
  • (Head of Department)
Mr. Aniket Ballal (B.SC)
  • (X- Ray Assistant)

X-ray Machine Details

  • Wellness Clinic
  • Diet Counselling
  • Health Checkup-Arogya Tapasani Package
  • Prakruti Parikshan
  • Yoga Treatment to OPD and IPD Patients
  • Sexual Problems Counselling
  • Peripheral Health Check-up Camps
  • International Yoga Day Activities
  • Yogic Training to the patient according to the disease condition by yoga expert
  • Yoga counselling in pregnant women’s
  • Tratak shibir for the school going children’s
  • Monthly Yoga camp for Diabetes, Hypertension, Vatavyadhi


An X-Ray is a quick and painless diagnostic test used to help diagnose many health conditions. X-Rays work by projecting a form of radiation through part of your body to produce a black and white image of the bones, joints and soft tissues. An X-Ray can be used to check.
  • For bone fractures or infection
  • Joint damage or inflammation
  • Soft tissues and organs for signs of disease

Our service

We provide a comprehensive range of X-Ray examinations during out-patient appointments, including.
  • Skull
  • Spinal
  • Chest
  • Abdominal
  • Pelvic
  • Extremity – arms, legs, feet and hands.
  • Chest x-rays for visa/medical purposes.
    • We Can provide X-Ray Within 30Min of assessment & A Doctor Will Review the X-Ray Immediately.
    • X-Ray for Arogyatapasani Yojana & all types of clinical trials.
    • Rate of X-Ray 100/- Per Film & For BPL Patients Free.


X-Ray Department Working