About Us

About Us Arogyashala RUGNALAYA belong to AYURVED SEVA SANGH NASHIK is the very well known established organization serving people since 1954, year approximately 50000 patients are benefited with the services, it is situated at the bank of Godavari, as the hospital is situated on the bank of Godavari, where kumbh is held every 12 years, hospital becomes a center point of the city and is Always ready to help in case of any emergencies during the kumbha period, thus serving the medical services as well as modern medicine with experts, consultants and ayurvedic physician.

पंचवटीमध्ये मध्यवर्ती ठिकाणी १०० बेड्सचे रुग्णालय असून परवडणार्‍या दरामध्ये रुग्णांवर उपचार करण्यात येतात. नाशिक मधील सर्वात जुने व विश्वासपात्र रूग्णालय असून आयुर्वेदा बरोबर आधुनिक शस्त्रक्रिये सारखे उपचार येथे केले जातात.

पंचकर्माचा सुसज्ज असा विभाग असून शास्त्रोक्त पध्दतीने पंचकर्म उपचार करण्यात येतात. यामध्ये दमा, कावीळ, संधीवात पोटाचे आजारांवर, त्वचा विकारांवर आयुर्वेद तज्ञांद्वारे तपासणी व उपचार दिले जातात.

औषधांबरोबर सुयोग्य आहार व पथ्य सांगितली जातात. नियोजन सल्ला व योगोपचार करण्यात येतात. या शिवाय मानद व अनुभवी तज्ञ डॉक्टरांकडून पारदर्शी सल्ला दिला जातो. विविध सर्जरी केल्या जातात.


Resurrection and Revitilisation of Ayurveda and enduring Indian tradition of pionneering excellence in learning in a universally relevant context.

To carry out meaningful research involving modern technology, ancient traditions and multidisciplinary faculty to throw light on hidden treasures of AYURVEDA.


To establish a quality Ayurveda institute for providing value added and globally relevant education based on eternal human values, To establish a viable link between tradition, science and technologies using ultra modern facilities, state of art of equipment.

Sophisticated modern diagnostic aids and ancient traditional ideology.


ensuring excellence in the academic milieu by providing nourishing and stimulating learning environment.

To impart value added, universally relevant, quality teaching in order to engender globally viable and competent Ayurveda professionals,To meet the needs of ever expanding health care sector in the country through Ayurveda, the ancient science of life.

To equip the students with the cutting edge technology and provide rare insight into the Indian medical philosophical insight to meet social values.

Our Dream

To establish a model Ayurveda institute to meet the global exceptions.

Salient Features

  • Centrally located and easily accessible well equipped three storied building with 150 beds capacity.
  • Department wise 6 IPD & OPD sections.
  • Ayurvedic & Allopathic treatment administered simultaneously.
  • Well equipped with X-Ray Unit, Sonography, Pathological Lab, Dialysis Unit, Ventilator etc.
  • Free treatment for patients below poverty line.
  • Physiotherapy Dept, Panchakarma Treatment & Yoga Therapy available.
  • Preventive care counseling given along with treatment.
  • Well Supported by efficient staff & Ayurvedic Allopathic consultants.
  • Well equipped separate O.T for general surgeries as well as ophthalmic surgeries.
  • Treating about 3800 patients at O.P.D level & 29000 patients at I.P.D per year.
  • Serving the weaker section of the Society without any discretion of caste or creed.